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We have trained professional detailers across Australia who can restore your faded headlights on any car and apply a protective coating - call us now to arrange a booking


Prices start from $60 per headlamp



In Australia faded headlamps can result in a yellow sticker from the police, most headlights will eventually end up like this if not treated correctly. 


Headlights get sanded by various grades of sand paper to remove the oxidization, then polished back to restore clarity.



 After the sanding and polishing stages, 2 layers of UNC-R are applied - This will prevent the lights from fading again and allows for super easy maintenance - bugs, tar or road grime just cannot adhere to the surface anymore 



 A thick layer of UNC-R, or 2 thick layers ideally is going to keep the headlights clean and bright for years!



Finished result - Restored headlight coated in 2 thick layers of UNC-R



Same light from beginning and different angle.



Same light finished